Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Madness

The peanut had an exhausting second weekend here on planet earth. Two of her newest hobbies include watching college basketball (she's predicting UConn to win it all) and strolling through the neighborhood. Most of all she enjoys people taking care of her. She thinks that it's a real hoot to dirty a d right after dad has changed her. Above all, baby K loves to be held by family and friends.

I put some more photos of KJ on the web. I switched the set up of the link a little bit. The link now directs you to the complete gallery of baby pictures. Once at the gallery, you'll see various albums. Just click on the album(s) you'd like to see. Can you believe that the buggaboo was due to arrive this weekend and she's already in double digits of days old? Hard to image life without her.

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