Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Mighty-Mite Meets Her PA G'Parents

After about three weeks on planet earth, baby K finally got to meet her other grandparents. It's been a fun and exhausting week for the little buggaboo. Seems like she discovered the mirror in her bassinet. She looks around for 10 minutes or so, exhausts herself, then falls into a peaceful malaise for an hour or two. Speaking of peaceful malaise, KJ had a sleeping contest with Grandpa. They duked it out for several hours, but Gramps took first prize. What put him over the top was his ability to sleep through the night without waking anybody up. There are about 30 new pictures in the lobster's newest album, Kerin6. Most of the pics feature the celestial beauty of our daughter; one picture, however, shows the other side of the coin. Check out the last pic in the album to witness what I'm talking about.

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