Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smokin' in a Bad Way

Tuesday 4.28.09
AM: Pool workout
PM: core exercises, foam roller, stretch, ice
Woke up in front of 04:30 to swim in the pool before work. Getting out of bed was the most arduous part of the workout. Swam pretty much continuously for 40+ minutes. I have a feeling my swimming form is horrible, but I felt pretty good. The PM stuff I consider necessary maintenance.

Monday 4.27.09
AM: core exercises
PM: 8 1/4 miles in 60:42. Followed the run with 10 minutes of stick work and then ice.

I must have been going at a pretty slow pace for the first half of the run b/c I felt like I was not doggin' it for the last couple miles and I was just a shade under 7:00 pace. That's okay as I am still in the building a base phase. A good portion of the run covered the Aggie trails.

Saw a sad sight on the main trail: a kid with the babiest of baby faces was walking down the dirt road with a cigarette in his mouth and a bic lighter in his hand. The boy, and yes he was a boy, could not have been a day over 13. He was walking with another tweenie, and I would've guessed they were about to light up for the first time if the kid didn't look so "been here before" with the cancer stick ever so gingerly hanging for his lips. When we crossed paths, they made sure to avoid eye contact with me. A few strides after we passed each other, something compelled me to say, "Smoking will kill you." They turned but uttered no rebut. I had to say something. What I really wanted to do is pull the cigarette from his mouth and tell him to strap on a pair of sneakers and come run a 10k with me. But I didn't. I turned a corner and glanced back at the two boys. They were trying to light the cigarette in the wind. I hope their attempts failed.

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