Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So It Begins

I was going to commence this training (b)log on Marathon Monday (as previously noted) but with all the excitement about the race I decided to wait for a couple of days. So now officially begin my chronicles in training and racing. I hope you enjoy and don't suffer from ennui.

Tuesday 4.21.09
AM: Bike on indoor trainer for 70 minutes.
PM: core exercises
Easy training day. Biggest battle was boredom on the bicycle. Had the Globe's coverage of the Boston Marathon to keep me turning the wheel. Finished the bike off with working the legs with a foam roller for 30 minutes followed by icing for another 25.

Wednesday 4.22.09
AM: 10 (maybe a shade over) easy miles in 75:34. Ran the trails behind Walpole HS. Came upon the girls' track team. I'm hoping they were just doing a warmup b/c they were crawling. Toward the end of the run, I stopped to give a driver directions and forgot to click off my watch. No big deal there. Not pushing today, although I felt I could've gone longer and faster. The petallar is feeling better but I'm still babying it. Used the stick for 10 minutes post run and iced for 25.
PM: core exercises and foam roller on legs

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