Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All Knotted Up

Tuesday 5.12.09
AM: Doctor's visit
PM: Pool workout
Saw Dr. Mika this morning to get more deep tissue massage on my knotted left calf. The experience wasn't nearly as eye-popping as last week. He commented that the calf was still significantly tight but improved over last week. I concur with his assessment. He instructed me to do "contrast" treatment. FYI (I had to ask), that means alternate between ice and heat on the calf. He also told me to keep working over the knotted mass with the stick and, of course, keep stretching out the muscles. I'll keep working on balancing exercises on the bosu ball. In regard to running, he said to try it every other day. Increase the time in ten minute increments. Do nothing with speed. Keep it slow. Over the weekend, attempt back-to-back runs. Until then, either bike or swim on non-running days.

The pool workout was pretty good. Swam a little less than a mile in four sets. Didn't drink too much water, but my nose has been running from the chlorine intake I presume.

Monday 5.11.09
AM: core work
PM: bike and run 4 1/4 miles in 35:14
Felt better on the run than last time I hit the trails. I biked to and from Adams Farm. It's not that far. I kept the pace slow and easy. I could feel the left calf but the pain wasn't unrunnable like it was last Wednesday, so I guess things are improving. I finished the run with stick work, stretching, and ice.

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