Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blogging from PA

Friday 5.1.09
Planned off day. Travelling to PA for a wedding.
Thursday 4.30.09
AM: Core work
PM: 9 3/4 in 72:18
Most of the run was at Adams Farm. I'm trying to stay on soft surfaces as much as possible. This was an out and backer and the second half was about 2 minutes faster than the second half. A headwind in the first part of the run likely contributed to the negative split. Again, an easy run. Just trying to get some miles under my belt. Unfortunately, the left calf started "talking to me" about halfway through the run. It was no more than a nuisance, but still gave me something to ponder while I was out there.
Wednesday 4.29.09

AM: Core work
PM: 9 1/2 in 66:57
Fartlek run at Bird Park today. Did five 3 minute pickups with 2 minute recovery. I would not consider this run a workout. The goal of it was to change gears and test out the petallar when the pace got a little faster. The petallar was fine and running on grass likely helped. The pesky left calf crept up on me, though, halfway through the fartlek portion of the run. I finished the run with stretching, stick work, and icing. Extra stick on the calf.

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