Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hot Then Not

Between Thursday and Saturday, the temperature has varied thirty degrees. It was 90 on Thursday and for my run this morning the Savings Bank clock read 62. The one constant this week has been the pollen. Stuff has been flying through the air and coating my body, especially the eyeballs. I've actually sneezed a few times on my runs this week. I had to blow my nose into my shirt. It's a delightfully true runner experience. The one good thing in these days has been the left calf. It's slowly getting better and continues to loosen up. I'm running so slow, but I'm not reinjurying it. I need to build the speed up through progression runs as opposed to straight up track workouts or fartlek runs. Once I feel comfortable with the progression runs, then I can go to fartlek pickups then the track. That' s the plan. We'll see.

Saturday 5.23.09
AM: 10 miles in 76:34.
I started this run around 8 minute pace then got it down to 7:20ish. I kept it easy and slow. My energy level was strong. A piece of advice: don't eat multiple veggie burgers the dinner before an early morning run. Not pretty.

Friday 5.22.09
AM: Lifting Routine
Another early wakeup to get in a lifting session pre work. Glad to get it done. Ended the routine with leg stretching, as usual.

Thursday 5.21.09
AM: core work
PM: 9 1/4 miles in 74:19.
This run wasn't pretty. My stomach was upset. It slowed me down. I was thankful that it was my stomach and sinuses (from all the pollen whipping around in the air) aching me instead of my calf. The calf was generally good. I felt it around 52 mins then a little more at 67 mins. Finished with stick work (extra on calf) and ice.

Wednesday 5.20.09
AM: core work
PM: outdoor bike: ~26 miles in ~90 minutes
Didn't really time this one or reset the odometer. Biked by some big houses. An old lady in a CR-V almost hit me. I had to yell at her. I felt bad afterwards.

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