Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Left Calf is Feeling Better

Wednesday 5.27.09
AM: core work
PM: 8.75 miles in 61:24
Felt good today. The first run in a while in which I had a little pep. I felt the pace get progressively quicker as the miles passed. Probably started over 7:30 and ended under 6:50. I'll take that at this point, especially if there are no repercussions. The calf felt the best its felt since the knot tied itself into my muscle. The knot is dissipating. I keep sticking it and icing it and stretching it, and I finally think those things are working. Pace is still relatively slow. I hope to do a run like this where I start at 7:00 pace and end near 6:00 pace. Baby steps toward that end were taken today.

Tuesday 5.26.09
AM: Dr. Mika appt
PM: pool workout
Dr. Mika gave the calf a good working over. He did some deep tissue massage and then focused in on the knot with ultrasound and stim. I really felt good after the treatment. He also spoke words of encouragement. No 400m repeats yet, but he said it's time to start moving a little faster. His diagnosis: the calf is ready for a little more work now.
In the pool, I swam what my friend Font tells me is the "swimmer's mile." That's 1650 yards. I haven't gone that far before, and it's been my undisclosed goal for a while now to swim a mile. However, it wasn't continuous. I started with a 50 and then did 4 x 400 with some drills in between. Still drinking a lot of water in the pool. My goal is to swim a mile without any breaks.

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mfranks said...

Very much enjoying your blog.
Regarding the 4:45 AM w/o-The boardtown group is hardcore-made up of marathoners and ironmen-women. Its a nice change though.

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