Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Left Calf Woes

The training has been literally lame for the last few days. Here's what I've been doing:

Wednesday 5.6.09
AM: Core work
PM: 15 minutes of running; 30 minutes of cycling
Tried to give it a go, but the left calf still has a tight knot in it. It felt better when I was walking around today, but when it came time to run, the knot outed itself. I could feel the rock hard tightness on every step. I told myself that I would give it 15 minutes to see if it would loosen. It didn't so I bagged it. Jumped on the bike for a less than satisfying half hour. My body had energy and was rearing to go. That's the most frustrating part in all this.

Tuesday 5.5.09
AM: Chiropractor visit
PM: core exercises and foam roller
Dr. Mika certainly worked the calf over in an effort to loosen it up. He did make some progress and did acknowledge that it was pretty tight. He executed some pretty painful deep tissue massage on the knotted area. As he dug in, he made me push in and out with my foot. That was intense. After a few seconds my nose started to water. Snots started dripping onto the floor. I managed a bit of a reprieve from the agony when I asked him for a tissue so I could blow my nose. We joked for a second then he had me jumping off the table again. I gripped the handrests and held on for dear life. For the first time ever, I realized that when people use the term "eyes bulging out of his skull" that it isn't always an exaggeration. I literally felt my eyes popping out when he got into the deep tissues of my calf. I thought I may've burst a blood vessel in my eye. When he was done, he told me "we" made good progress with the calf. He concluded the session with some ultrasound then some electronic stim and ice. The good doctor also suggested some remedies for my calf.
1--lots of stretching and not just the same stretch over and over again; he recommends doing various calf stretches
2--ice or cold water baths; he recommends submerging the legs into cold water after runs to promote the healing of the microtears that happen during a workout
3--balancing exercises; to strengthen the calf and supporting structures he recommended using a wobble board or bosu ball. I am fortunate enough to own a bosu ball. I hope it helps.

Monday 5.4.09
AM: Core exercises
PM: Pool workout
Didn't attempt running today. The calf is still sore. Am looking forward to the doctor's visit tomorrow. The pool workout was a combo of aqua jogging and swimming. I tried to focus on form as much as possible while aqua jogging. I feel I get a much better cardio workout when I'm swimming. I'm a horrible swimmer, but I'll keep working on it.

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