Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Sunday

Here's what I did running wise on the Memorial Day:
Monday 5.25.09
AM: core work and 6.5 miles in 50:26
I've been meaning to check out this trail I've cycled by for a while now. Today I finally did. It was a disappointment. I biked it there, and it was about 5.5 miles. So one good thing was the extra exercise on the bike. The trail was a dud. It was all of 300 meters, and after 50 of them it turned to asphalt. Didn't see that coming. The end of the trail opened up to a horse farm. That was cool. Horses are very big when you are up close to them, and they look like they can stomp you at will. I'm not messing with Rachel Alexandra. Anyway, I about faced it and found another trail that was pretty good. My first sequence of three runs in a row since late February and it went well. I'm looking forward to my calf treatment tomorrow am.

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