Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Serendipitous Find

A serendipitous find occurred on my run today. I was just entering Adams Farm and I bumped into my neighbor who was just finishing up her workout. She was looking all around the tall grass at the edge of the trail. I said hello, and she told me that she had dropped her cell phone. She needed to get going to pick up her kids and asked me to keep an eye out for it. Well, I did. I proceeded to run the trail with a newfound resolve to find a silver cellphone. I found it! It only took about five minutes. She gave me great directions as to what paths she traversed, but it was still so satisfying to find that cellphone. Forty minutes later as I was egressing the Farm, I saw my neighbor and two of her kids searching for the cell phone. One was complaining about mosquitos, so my neighbor was extra thankful when I showed her what I had found. She has pledged to buy me a beer. It made my run. Here are the details of that run:

Tuesday 5.19.09
AM: core work
PM: 9 miles in 69:13
Still slow as molasses but the calf felt much better today. I'm trying to keep it slow, but it's not easy when I'm rearing to go due to only running every other day. The motto for the week could be "keep the reins on." Between Sunday and today I could feel the difference in my calf when I was stick massaging it. The knot has released somewhat. That's a good sign. Finished the run with stick, stretch, ice.

Monday 5.18.09
AM: core work
PM: pool workout
Aqua jogged for 20 minutes and swam continuously for 30. Absolutely no pain in the calf while in the pool. Not the best of workouts, but a good alternative to get some cardio in while not doing any further damage.

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