Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spirit of the Marathon

Thursday 5.14.09
AM: core work
PM: bike on indoor trainer for 92 minutes
While on the bike, I watched Spirit of the Marathon, a documentary about, well you guessed it, the marathon. Similar but not the same as other running documentaries like Endurance and the one about the ultra in death valley (it was so good I can't remember the title). These documentaries seem to follow a quotidian formula: trace the stories of a few different runners: an elite one, a subelite but not slow one (trying to qualify for Boston), a slow one, a first timer, a really slow one, one that gets injured (hey that one could be me). Seems to me like the directors are trying to pander to a mass audience, but in doing so estrange hardcore runners. I don't much care about someone walk/running a marathon. I want to see the knitty, gritty details of an elite or subelite busting his chops and chipping off his own teeth (see Paul Hammond) in order to make a PR. I want to see workouts, cross training, perspectives and philosophies. I want to see how a runner works through the last 10k of a long run when she wants to sneak out the backdoor. I think what gets me the most is the absence of the good but not great runners in these types of things. Yes, the Deena Kastors of the world have every single running amenity that they need. I would love one, but I'll never have an underwater treadmill to augment my training when I get hurt. I can't relate to that. But I can relate to a guy like Ryan Carrara or Crosby Freeman who works full time and is making a PR his true life's work. I want to see what these people go through on a day to day basis. I'm rambling and ranting. I guess I just want to watch a top shelf running documentary. Does anyone have any suggestions? Now with all that being said, I still watched the film and will likely watch it again. Watching Kastor dance the skeleton dance and still eek out a victory in Chicago gave me chills. The movie helped me through 90 minutes on the hamster wheel.

Wednesday 5.13.09
AM: core workout
PM: 5 3/4 in 46:43
I probably ran 6 miles, but I'm not giving myself the benefit of the doubt. Calf felt much better. Best it's felt since 5.2.09. I really felt the positive effects of Dr. Mika's deep tissue massage. The knot is getting smaller. I'm still running painfully slow. If I ever get the time, I plan on dedicating an entire post about how hard it is to run slow. And I don't mean slow for fast people (I'm not that fast), I mean slow for anybody who is forced to run significantly slower than the pace that they are used to running. Some day.
I've been hitting the outside of the calf pretty regularly with the stick. I find it more effective than the foam roller. Bosu balance drills continue. Contrast treatment (ice/heat) continues. Stretching stretching stretching continues.

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