Sunday, May 24, 2009

This Week in Running 5.18.09 to 5.24.09

A slow week but one marked with progress. The left calf is feeling a little bit better with each run, and it has reacted well on the back to back runs. I plan to run tomorrow to make it a back to back to back trio of jogs. My pace this week probably hovered around 7:30. I'm trying to tell myself not to run for speed right now, just run to get some base in and let that knotted left calf work itself out. I stayed pretty true to that plan this week. I have another appt. with Dr. Mika on Tuesday morning. I really feel that one more deep tissue massage on the knotted area will really help the muscle release. I'm hoping after Tuesday's treatment I'll feel that I don't have to run as tentatively as I am now. I've been doing balancing activities on the bosu ball fairly consistently as well as extra stick massage all in an effort to help improve the calf. That's my primary concern right now. Next week I hope to complete 5 runs w/out any setbacks. I also plan to increase my mileage by 5 or 6. I got to build that up first then put on some speed.

The Numbers:
35 3/4 miles in 4 runs
50 mins in the pool
90 mins on the bike
1 lifting session in the gym

Sunday 5.24.09
AM: core work and 7 1/4 in 54:45
The above comments typify today's run. I'm staying on soft surfaces and running at an easy pace. I finished the run with stretching, stick work, and ice. I may do a contrast treatment (ice/heat/ice/heat) later tonight. I live quite an exciting life you know.

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