Sunday, May 10, 2009

TWIR 5.4.09 to 5.10.09

This week in running was hardly that. The left calf loosened up a bit, but it's still pretty tight. The highlights of the week were the pool workout on Monday and the bike ride on Sunday. Those bookends enclosed an otherwise unsatisfying week. I tried do some light running on Wednesday but my calf was having none of it. After that grim experience, I decided not to attempt running on Thursday or Friday. On Saturday I ran three easy miles at Adams Farm. I felt better but was going at a snail's pace. I'm going to the doctor again on Tuesday to have the calf worked on by Dr. Mika. He killed me last week and will likely do the same again. One thing that I have been doing is bosu ball work. The good doctor recommended it; he indicated that using it could prevent such tightness/knotting from occurring in the future. Here's to hoping next week will be better than this week.

Nonessential Numbers
5 miles in 2 runs (lame)

Sunday 5.10.09
AM: core work and cycling for about 75 minutes (about 20 miles)
The calf felt good on the bike today. So that's a step in the right direction. My plan is to keep pounding the knot with the stick and stretching. It's gotta give at some point.

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