Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baseball Allegiance

Kerin is torn: "Do I become a Sox fan or a Phillies fan or both? I know they both recently won a world series and share the same team colors, but who do I choose? I've been going back and forth ever since they played each other this weekend."
You can help KJ make this very difficult decision by voting on the web poll to your right. Which ever team gets the most votes, she'll give her utmost allegiance.
The little baseball fan has lots of new pictures on her link. 55 more! The album is entitled "12 weeks." Check them out if you'd like. You'll see lots of baseball images.


Jen said...

Kerin looks more confident sporting the Phillies attire.

JD Drew said...

Why would anyone want to be a Phillies fan?

David said...

Since she's not a resident of the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area, and is likely to be a resident of the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy MSA for the next 18 years, I voted Red Sox. It's the Bill Simmons rules

KG said...

Here! Here! to JD and Dave

David said...

How did those Phillies votes sneak in at the last minute? I declare the results null and void. Kerin is a Red Sox fan.

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