Saturday, June 27, 2009

CutBack Week

This week is a planned cutback week. For that reason, the miles on the last few runs are shorter than usual--purposefully. Point of the cutback week is to give the body a chance to take a breath and prepare for the next week, in which I hope to up the intensity and the miles. So, this has been a good week in that I'm following the prescribed mesocycle plan of build three cutback one.

Wednesday 6.24.09
AM: core work
PM: 8 miles in 61:18
A slow day. Not much energy and couldn't get out of the rut of what I perceived to be 7:30-7:45 pace. But hey, it's a cutback week; I'm giving myself this easy day w/out guilt. Weather continues to be damp and dreary. A lot different than last year when many June days were nearing 100 degrees. Ended the workout with stretch, stick, ice.

Thursday 6.25.09
AM: 6.25 miles in 45:04
This is the day of the week where I most feel the cutback week. Normally, I would do a hard double digit run on a Thursday, but today I went for a shade over 6. My body wanted more, even though I was running with about 12-13 hours of recovery as opposed to the 23 I'm accustomed to. That just shows how slowly I ran yesterday.

Friday 6.26.09
PM: lifting routine at YMCA
Today was the second leg of our travelling adventure to PA. Stopped at Aunt Nancy's house last night for some good pizza and a good time. Her backyard is a wildlife sanctuary. Highlights include seeing turkey, deer, and many species of birds. My personal favorite was the American Goldfinch. Now, that's a good lookin' bird. We wrapped up the night learning that Michael Jackson died. We all grew up with him, and it was a collective quasi loss of innocence for our generation to witness his often outlandish behavior. He was a unique cat. Not often do you see a person cross over in terms of race and gender....We made it to PA, and I made it to the gym. Very glad I was able to sneak this workout in b/c it ended up being a good one.

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