Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Falmouth, the Poll, and Kelly Drive

1. My friend Jenn got me a number for the Falmouth Road Race. I'm psyched. I need to get in shape. I've run this race twice, and both times I did not match my own expectations. The first time I did it I was a neophyte to blood donation. You see, I donated a pint of my precious type o negative five days before the race. Had no idea of the deleterious repercussions. I was good for the first two miles, but after that, good night Irene. I was toast. So, this year will be my chance to exact revenge on the sun-bleached course. My training is progressing, so I'm looking forward to this mid-summer classic.

2. The Poll. It was a tightly contested race, but the Phillies' attire won by one vote. Dave and I both think there were some Iran-like activities going on, with a sudden Philly surge in the voting just before the polls closed. Hmm. Good thing the Phils are in the NL and the Sox are in the AL; she can root for both....interleague play will still be interesting....thanks for voting; it was fun.

3. Kelly Drive. On Monday, I went over to my second most favorite place to run in Philly, Kelly Drive. For those of you unfamiliar to the area, Kelly Drive leads you right to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and those famous Rocky steps. No, I didn't run up the steps. I ran by them, though, and many people were trekking up them. Kelly Drive also runs parallel to Schuylkill River. It's very similar to the Charles River, in that either side of the waterway has biking/jogging paths for pedestrian use. Good to see lots of people out there on a Monday am. Bonus: many markers out there on the path to measure your distance.

Here are the last two days of training:

Tuesday 6.30.09
AM: core work and 64:00 on the bike.
Slept in and took my time waking up this morning. I think the last three runs caught up with my body a little bit. As a result, I missed lap swim at the YMCA. That was fine with me as I headed for the bike. I've actually missed the bike a bit and was a tired of swimming (actually the post-swim nose blowing), so I eagerly jumped onto a brand new stationary bike. Time went by faster than normal. Sportscenter always helps.

Monday 6.29.09
AM: 11.75 miles in 83:43
PM: core work
Workout on Kelly Drive and Malcolm X Blvd. The weather was breezy and sunny, a good day. I was out there relatively early and my body was still asleep for the first few miles. I probably didn't break 7:30 pace. As a result my pickups were 10-20 seconds slower than I had hoped. The effort was there; the pace was not. My workout was supposed to be 5 x 6 min @ ~5:40 pace w/ 2:00 recovery. Here's what actually happened:

pickup 1: 6:00 split pace
pickup 2: no split (missed marker)
pickup 3: 5:58 split pace
pickup 4: 5:58 split pace
pickup 5: 5:50 split pace
2 mins. rec between each

A little bit disappointing. I'm figuring this one balances out the very good one I had on Saturday. I'm not going to fret over it.

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