Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Hope You Enjoyed National Running Day

NRD has come and gone. I meant to post on the actual day, June 3, but things just got away from me a little bit. I did, however, manage a run with my good friend Rich. Good news was we ran for an hour; bad news was me ran slowly.

The last few days recapped:

Thursday 6.4.09
AM: core work
PM: 10 miles in 67:28
Progression run. First real one since the calf setback. It went rather well. Something from which to build. Hardest part of this run proved to be getting out the door. Could've easily skipped it in lieu of a nap. Have been dead tired all week. Anyway, I started really slowly but worked my way down to around or under 6:20. Not exactly setting the world on fire, but baby steps.

Wednesday 6.3.09
AM: core work
PM: 9.5 miles in 69:11.
To celebrate National Running Day, I went over to Bird Park to run with my friend Rich. It was good to see him after the long winter. Hopefully we'll run together a bit more this summer and get faster b/c we were crawling...and I didn't feel like I could go much faster.

Tuesday 6.2.09
AM: pool workout
PM: just the bosu ball
Swam 1650 yards, otherwise known as a swimmer's mile. I did it w/out stopping. That's a first. It's been a goal of mine for sometime now, so it was good to achieve it. The swim exhausted me for the rest of the day and the day after that and the day after that.

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