Saturday, June 20, 2009

Faster & Farther

Last three days have been three good ones. Thursday I paced it down to sub-6, and the calf reacted well during it. A little sore on the next run, but nothing to be overly concerned about at this time. Saturday made for another good run, covering the most miles I have in a single run since March 1. So, in the last two runs I went as fast as I have since February and as far as I have since March. I'll take it. The calf is getting better; I feel like I'm turning the corner (no jinx).

Thursday 6.18.09
AM: core work
PM: 11.5 miles in 76:00

As is usually my case, I started off slow: warming up the calf. I was around 7:00 pace for the second mile and 6:40 for the third. At that point, I felt like this was going to be a good day. Rain fell steadily, which helped my demeanor. When you're feeling good, you feel extra good running in the rain. Thought about the t'mill for a second, so glad I didn't do it. After 3 miles, I was running hard through the trails of WHS all the way to 1A and back. Couldn't get any splits in there, but I the pace was a hard, controlled steady. Back on the roads for the last three miles and I picked it up a bit. I ended in 6:03, 6:08, 5:53. Real happy to go sub 6 on the last one as I was feeling good. Would've been dejected if it was something like 6:20. In another mesocycle or two I'd like my last tercet to be circa 5:40.

Friday 6.19.09
AM: lifting routine

The normal sequence at the YMCA. It's motivational to see a dozen people at the gym pre 05:30 working out alongside you.

Saturday 6.20.09

Best wishes to everyone running up that little speed bump known as Mt. Washington!

AM: 17 miles in 2:02.36

First run over two hours in a long time. Exceeded my goal today. Wanted to do 16, so I'm up one. Felt pretty good for the most part. Early on my body felt ready to go and prepared for this run so I went with it. Much of the run was on trail: Rocky Woods and Adams Farm. Because of this, it was hard to get splits. The ones I did get were all between 6:50 and 7:00. My pace was in-and-out on the trails, but I never "fell asleep" for a 7:45er. I'm content with this run; however, during it I realized that I need to run my long days at a fasterpace than I currently do them. It's something to work on.

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