Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Old Route

On Wednesday, my friend Rich and I ran an old route that we used to do regularly. We couldn't remember our old times, but I when I got home I looked them up. For comparison, I listed a few.

These are the last two days:

Thursday 6.11.09
AM: core work
PM: 10 miles in 73:05
GI trouble. I wanted to do a serious negative split on this run, but about thirty-five minutes into it my stomach started gurgling. Big time rumbling and grumbling. Pace slowed wickedly and every time I tried to make it honest, the gurgling exacerbated. I crawled home at around 7:30 pace. Turns out the first half was much faster than the second: the inverse of my goal. Don't know why the GI hit me the way it did. Last night's dinner featured a soy-based protein in lieu of an animal-based one. That's given me trouble before, but usually when I've only had 10 hours to digest. This time it was more like 20. Who knows?

Wednesday 6.10.09
AM: core work
PM: 10.5 miles in 74:34
Great run with my buddy Rich as we did an old course we hadn't done in ages: from Adams Farm to the 27 Bridge. It was nice to run and converse and the miles flew by. Made it to the halfway mark in 37:11 so the split was as close to even as you can get given the terrain. Parts of it can get rocky and slow. After the run, we were curious about past performances on this route so I looked in my old logs to see if I could find some. Here's a small sample:

8.13.2003 - 81:52
7.30.2003 - 78:46
7.9.2003 - 78:12
6.25.2003 - 79:53
6.8.2003 - 80:40

We also did many variations of this course, but overall it looks like we are getting faster as we get older. The pace felt faster from the get-go. I think Rich and I both felt a little guilty for "walking" through our run together last week. We made a tacit pact that we weren't going to dog this one. We didn't. It was a good day. Finished off with stretching, sticking, icing, and watching the Sox defeat the Yanks.

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