Sunday, June 21, 2009

This Week in Running: 6.15.09 to 6.21.09

Another good building week of running. That's four in a row. Next week will be a planned cut back week. This week saw the smallest increase in miles, which is fine, b/c I increased the pace on a couple of those runs. Highlights of the week were definitely Thursday and Saturday (see "Faster and Farther" entry if interested). Saturday went so well that I didn't even notice the bloody scratch I sustained on the trails. Have no idea when it could've happened.

Cuts and scrapes make runners look tough, don't you think? That's one difference between winter and summer running. Things like branches pawing at your lower limbs and scratching at them just don't happen in December and January.
On another note, had to retire my beloved 768's today. I've been running in them since November 15 (not everyday). I could feel the cushioning going in them the last couple of weeks and when I
introduced a new pair of sneakers this week, it reiterated that the 768's were done. They served me well. I'll have to go to the New Balance Factory Store sometime soon to pickup the 769's. I've been running in this series ever since the 761. That's the last eight years. New Balance keeps putting out good products year after year and I'll continue to support that company until they stop doing so. Happy retirement 768's.
Sunday 6.21.09
AM: core work and 7.25 miles in 52:36
Not cold at all but a misty rain permeated today's run. The calf felt good the day after the 17 miler. A good sign. Continuing the normal routine of stretch, stick, ice post run. Have been adding another thirty minute contrast treatment on the calf before bed. Maybe that's contributing too its progress.
Numbers for the Week
55 miles in 5 runs
4 core workouts
1 lifting routine
1 pool workout
1 snake sighting
1 pair of retired sneakers

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