Sunday, June 28, 2009

This Week in Running 6.22.09 to 6.28.09

A good cutback week that was highlighted by runs on Monday and Saturday. I pushed the calf just enough on both days for two good aerobic workouts. The rest of the week was pretty easy, just logging some miles to keep up with my conditioning. This upcoming week should see an uptick in miles and intensity. Depending on how things work out, I might run my first race since March 1. I am nowhere near PR shape, but a race may still be in order to gauge exactly where I am in my training.

Here's how the week wrapped:

Sunday 6.28.09
AM: core work and 7 miles in 51:33
Easy run through the streets of Upper Darby. This is the usual route I do when I'm in Drexel Hill on a Sunday morning. The highlight of the trek is passing the Swedish Cabin, which in a cool little cabin on the edge of a river.

When I woke up this morning, my calf was a bit sore/tight from Saturday's run, but with the stretching and the core work, it seemed to loosen up. For me, it's not the best idea to roll out of bed and hit the road. If I give my body, 1 1/2 to 2 hours it usually loosens. I was happy it did.

Saturday 6.27.09
AM: 15.5 miles in 1:46.48
This is likely at least 15.5 and maybe more. I executed this run exactly as planned and exceeded my expectations. The plan: run the first 6 easy and pick it up to a hard steady effort for the last 8 (my plan was also to do only 14, not 15+). I did this run on Forbidden Drive in Philadelphia, which is one of my all time favorite places to run. Maybe that's why the miles just seemed to roll. Here are some splits with mile marker estimates:

opening - 7:29
next 2 - 13:30
mile 7 - 6:46
mile 8 - 6:13
mile 9 - 6:09
mile 10 - 6:30
mile 12 - 6:17
mile 13 - 6:03
mile 14 - 5:49
mile 15 - 5:58

Always glad to see a sub 5:00 split, especially on a somewhat long day. This run gave me confidence. I hope those last four average out to be future marathon pace. Last week I wrote that I need to do my long runs at a faster pace and even though this was a couple miles shorter than last week, I'm happy with the faster pace.

I could feel my left calf from about 9 to 13 then it went away. Maybe b/c I was concentrating on the pace. Lots of people out on Forbidden Drive and that helped to make the run pass quickly. It was a good day, which was finished out with stretch, ice (2x), and stick.

Afternoon wiffle ball was fun, but it didn't go nearly as well for me as the run did.

Numbers for the Week
47 miles in 5 runs
1 swimming mile
3 core workouts
1 snake sighting

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