Sunday, June 14, 2009

This Week in Running 6.8.09 to 6.14.09

The building phase continues and the calf is feeling better. Overall, it was a good week. I'm still doing extra ice sessions w/ the calf, but I may be ready to stop that soon. I have a doctor's appt. on Tuesday and will wait to see what he thinks. As for mileage, I topped over 50 for the first time since late Feb./early March. Much of the recent running literature says don't base progress on miles, but I find it hard not to; the current running culture from the setup of running logs to the conversations we have w/ each other all revolve around weekly mileage (it seems). Admit it, you size a fellow runner up when you ask him how many miles he does a week.

Here's how the end of the week shaped up:

Friday 6.12.09
AM: lifting routine
Hit the gym before work so I could mow the lawn in the afternoon. Two minutes after I got home from work, the sky darkened and the downpours began. Lawn did not get cut. Oh well. I could've slept for an extra hour, but what does sleep matter when you have a newborn? (She's actually been very good lately: sleeping through the night). Weekly YMCA weigh-in tells me I'm five lbs. heavier than I'd like to be. This could be muscle from the increased core work. The perfect pushup apparatus is addicting.

Saturday 6.13.09
AM: core work and 15.5 miles in 1:49.33.
I wanted this run to be 16, but didn't have the patience to run circles around my neighborhood for three and half minutes. I jogged over to Rocky Woods and did some trails in there. It's beautiful there. Almost stepped on a snake. That's a way to incorporate some mid-run A-skips into the workout. Felt good for the whole run. A tad tired, but muscularly I felt healthy. A good sign.

Sunday 6.14.09
AM: 7.25 miles in 53:39
Pouring rain early in the am so I got out later than I intended. Everything was wet at Adams Farm, which can be a good thing b/c the trails were super-springy. Took it easy as a recovery day, and my body felt pretty good. Later in the day, I was doing yard work and saw another snake. That's three for the week.

The Numbers
53 1/2 miles in 5 runs
5 core sessions
1700 yds swimming (1 session)
1 lifting session
3 snake sightings (a one week record)

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