Thursday, July 2, 2009

6 Easy 5 Hard

AM: 11 miles in 77:28
PM: core work

I slugged out the run today. It was humid on Forbidden Drive. I think the trees trapped in some of that heavy air. Still a great place to run as there aren't any cars to worry about. Here's what I did:

~23 minute warmup
1 x 2 mile pickup at 6:02 pace
1.5 miles of easy running
1 x 3 mile pickup at 5:51 pace
~12 minute cooldown

The pace increases didn't come easy. Sucking wind for the first one, I thought the second one would come easier. That didn't really happen. No groove. Shoulders felt heavy and the legs felt like they were running in quicksand. Despite that, each mile split was faster than the previous one on the second interval. I'll take that as a positive. Not sure how accurate the mile markers are on Forbidden Dr. b/c I didn't feel like my splits were getting faster. I was hoping my pace for the hard miles would be nearer to 5:40. Today's run was better than Monday's but not as good as Saturday's.

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