Thursday, July 30, 2009

9 and 90

Weather has been hotter and more humid the last couple of days. Feels like I'm in Oklahoma or Texas.

Thursday 7.30.09
AM: lifting routine
Taking the day off from running (as planned). Still did my usual lifting routine (back, shoulders, chest, etc) at the YMCA.

Wednesday 7.29.09
AM: core work
PM: ~12 miles in 84:50
This was a 9 and 90 workout. It might've been 90 degrees too. 9 and 90 translated means 9 minutes hard running followed by 90 seconds of recovery. I did that 4 times.
The humidity really got to me today and by the end of the run I was dead. That's what I'm looking for though; those runs that leave you dead but also give you the feeling that you're getting in better shape. I'm glad I did this workout b/c if I didn't, the run would've been even more painful. When I wasn't running hard my body fell into a slow-paced rhythm. I could feel the heat just zapping my legs out there. All in all, it was a good day and has been a productive week. Today, I figure I put in about 6 hard miles and 6 easy ones (4 at the beginning and 2 at the end).

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