Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back from Philly

I'm back from Philly, and you can see lots of new pictures of me by clicking my link on the right. My newest album is called "Philly Fun." Now my dad wants to tell you what he's done on the roads (yawn).

Tuesday 7.07.09
AM: 41 miles on the bike
I decided to go green today and bike to and from work. I've never taken the backroads, so didn't know how far or how long it would take. I guestimated about 20 miles and 90 minutes each way. I was close. The total roundtrip was 41 miles. The total clocktime (estimated) was about 2.5 hours. I usually swim on my off day, but the chlorine has been killing me, so I decided to give it a break. The ride was enjoyable and exciting, although I could've done without the rain for the last few miles.

Monday 7.08.09
AM: core work
PM: 11 miles in 79:34
The key part of this run was 3 x 10 minutes hard/threshold pace with two minute recoveries. I ran a hard thirty minutes last week in six minute segments, so I did the same amount of hard running time-wise but in a different format. Next time I'll need to increase the amount of time I'm running hard.

1st 10 minutes: on trail; no split
2nd 10 minutes: mostly on trail; split pace 5:40
3rd 10 minutes: mostly on pavement; split pace 5:40

Didn't feel great and was surprised to see a 5:40 split. Thought for sure it'd be above 6:00. A sign of encouragement: despite the longer intervals, I ran a faster paced workout than last Monday. I hope that means I'm getting in better shape. No soreness from the pickle (run) to speak of. Am looking forward to a run with Rich later in the week.
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