Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cobbs Creek

Hit the mean streets of Philadelphia today and didn't think about Rocky once. What does that mean?

Wednesday 7.01.09
AM: 10.25 miles in 74:30
PM: core work
It wasn't that hot out, but it was humid. Did a new course today. Trekked out from DH and into Philly. Ran up to 69th St. and over to Cobbs Creek. A paved pedestrian path parallels the creek and it's okay (it's no Forbidden Drive) for running. From Cobbs Creek I hooked onto the Baltimore Pike and cruised in from there. I felt so-so. Not great, not horrible. I would feel strong in some moments and tired in others. I plan to do a harder effort tomorrow on a dirt surface. Finished the run with sticking, stretching, and icing.

The core work is coming along. I'm much stronger with pushups and situps than I was a year ago or even six months ago. Hopefully the planks, the ab work, the lower core stuff will keep me strong and injury-free. I'm working on it.

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