Thursday, July 16, 2009


Have been as dead as a doornail all week. Maybe the yard work double sessions are catching up w/ me. The first half of this week has been UGLY. I have my harder runs planned for the next three days, so I'm hoping the deadness will egress from my legs.

Thursday 7.16.09
AM: lifting routine
Went to the Y prework to get in some lifting. Still five lbs. heavier than last summer but I attribute that to increased muscle. I don't feel five lbs. heavier and I can lift more in the gym now than I ever have before. And when I say lifting I also include all the core exercises like planks, pullups, pushups, situps. Finished the day w/ an Epsom salt cold water bath in hopes of recharging the legs.

Wednesday 7.15.09
AM: core work
PM: 12 miles in 91:30
For the second run in a row, I was dead from the gun. This usually doesn't happen to me. Usually after a dead legs run, I follow it w/ a good one. Not this week. Have been tired and dragging. I was determined to get 12 in and after 20 minutes knew I'd have to run more like 90 than 80 to get in a dozen. Bad news: I was dead tired and heavy for the entire run. Good news: I was dead but still mentally strong enough not to bag it after 7. Calves did loosen but left one is still hanging on to the tightness a little more than I'd like.

Kerin is awesome. She's my kid. She giggles now.

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