Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Long Run

The last two have been the best two days of the week. Had an awesome long run on Friday morning and followed it up today w/ an easy recovery run through the hazy humidity at Adams Farm. The details:

Saturday 7.18.09
AM: core work and 7.25 in 52:08
On the road and the air was thick and heavy. Glad that today was an easy run. Took me about 20 minutes to wake up and at that point the pace naturally quickened but nothing crazy. Easy all the way. Need to gear up for a harder run tomorrow. Finished the run w/ stick, ice, stretch. After lunch, back out to the yard for three more hours of yard work. Capped the day off w/ some ice cream from Bubbling Brook. It was the first ice cream of the year. That shows you the type of summer we've been having.

KJ has been on the planet 4 months as of today. Pictures coming soon. We need to get camera batteries. There'll be some good ones in the next batch that feature her boyfriend.

Friday 7.17.09
AM: 19.5 miles in 2:22.28
After feeling knackered all week, things finally turned around, not until 39 minutes of running though. Good route planned and that helped. Ran over to Rocky Woods and did too long loops there before heading home. It takes about 5 miles to get there and my body was still feeling out the run at that point. Once I got on the trails, I started to feel better and my pace naturally got faster. Cruised through the trails and feeling good the whole way. Only concern was of thirst. Jen had put out a water bottle for me back on the road and knowing that was waiting for me really helped. It also broke the run up into chunks. Just get to the water bottle; you'll be there in two miles. Got the water and a power gel at 1:50 and couldn't believe how good I felt. Just before the water/gel I clocked a 7:06 mile that's majorly uphill. After the water/gel I hooked onto the AF powerlines trail and popped back out onto the roads w/ a little less than a deuce to go. Couldn't believe how much energy I had and how good I felt. No bonking in sight. This was just the run I needed. Feeling strong on the last mile and put down a 6:13. That's good for me b/c I often am dragging my arse home over the last 5k of a long run. When I marathon, I often die in that last 5k so finishing strong is something I'm consciously working on this season. Friday was a good sign. Got home did the usual routine and soaked in an Epsom salt ice bath for twenty minutes. Jen putting out that water/gel really helped me have a good run. Thanks J!

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