Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Sneakers

Cool Running has the Blessing of the Fleet Results posted.

Tuesday 7.28.09
AM/PM: 33 miles on the bike and 2.25 miles on the treadmill
PM: core work
This was intended to be a bike to and for work day. However, due to the massive potholes on one of the major roadways, I warped a tire and had to call in Jen for a pickup. Odd thing is that I didn't get a flat tire; I got a warped tire. It didn't flatten but it did warp itself in such a way that the wheel rubbed against the break pads whenever it revolved. Looks like I'll need to go to the bikeshop. So, I did a two spot the the t'mill b/c I figured I needed to get a little more cardio in. I'm still simmering from the warped tire. How much will that cost me?

Monday 7.27.09
AM: core work
PM: 12.5 miles in 84:40
Probably did more than 12.5 but most of it was on trail so it's more difficult to measure. Was pissed at Sunday's slow pace so attacked this one from the gun. It was 86, sunny, and humid at the start; it didn't take long to get a good sweat. To increase the punishment I ran in all black. I wanted to feel this one. I was thinking about my Blessing performance and thinking about all those guys who just did the Lake Placid Ironman and thought to myself: I'm such a slacker. With that as motivation, I took it out.

Worked hard to get to the WHS trails and once there I thought I'd ease up a little. Something told me not to, so I didn't; I kept pounding through the trails to the powerlines. I was on Edge City as Mark Wetmore would say. This was an out-n-back run and I wondered if I'd be dragging arse on the way home. I kept a hard steady through the trails all the while telling myself I'd pick it up again w/ 5k remaining. Back on the roads w/ 3 to go and I increased the pace again. Last three miles ended up being 6:16, 6:31, 6:10 (penultimate largely uphill). Not super fast but the effort was there. My legs were still pretty sore from Friday night's race and the sun offered much heat. I know the last 5k can avg. sub 6:00.

Also broke in a new pair of New Balance 1223's. I hated the 1220 due to the rollbar but that's gone now and the 1223's seem well cushioned and comfortable. I think I ran hard today b/c I didn't want my new sneakers to think I was slow.

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