Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Noon Hill

AM: core work
PM: 12 miles in 84:59

Met my buddy Rich in downtown Medfield today and from there we headed over to Noon Hill for some trail running. By clicking on the link below, you can access a map of the reservation.

The trails were beautiful but wet. Many puddles on the ground. As a result, we had to stay on the main trail so we wouldn't get totally soaked. After 71 minutes I dropped Rich off at the library and circled around for another deuce for an even dozen. Felt a little tired but healthy. I'll take that. No ill effects from yesterday's bike ride. We kept the pace healthy. The only thing that may've slowed us down (unintentionally) was negotiating the slick and puddled dirt paths. I would like to run this trail system again and check out some of the more technical ones.

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