Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seeing Ms. Langston

Toward the end of my run today, I had a great surprise. It being my mom's birthday, we were over in my hometown. Before the celebration began, I scooted out for a run. The run started out normal enough, and I was feeling good. So much better than last Wednesday. I was working on changing up my pacing and got going pretty good in the middle/end. On my way back home through the sheep pasture, I passed two women. After passing them, I said to myself, "That looks like Ms. Langston." I doubled back around and sure enough, it was her. We caught up for a minute or two and even exchanged a hug, which was amazing b/c this was a woman I couldn't have imagined hugging as a frosh in high school. But in reflection, I have thought about Ms. Langston often, and she was/is a fantastic teacher. I learned so much from her. I was glad I bumped into her and had the opportunity to thank her for influencing me as an impressionable young teenager. I still remember the personal narrative, the vocabulary tests, and Pride and Prejudice. Thanks again Ms. Langston. You made my run.

AM: core work
PM: 12 miles in 81:34

Tuesday 7.21.09
AM: bike (indoor trainer)
PM: core work
The steady rain kept me off the roads and on the indoor trainer today. I did the bike in two short sessions, 53 and 43 minutes. Got a real good sweat both times. Kept the pace steady and smooth the whole way. A good day of cross training.

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Jen said...

What is cool to think about is that you are someone's Mrs. Langston.

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