Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Week in Running: 7.13.09 to 7.19.09

Not a bad week in running. It would've been a very bad one if the week had ended on Wednesday. Friday and Sunday turned the bad week into a mediocre to good one. Highlight of the week was the 19.5 I did on Friday. Still happy about that one. Looking to continue with progress this week and maybe even racing on Friday night (Blessing of the Fleet 10 miler in RI).
I ended this week in running w/ an olde time workout.

6 x 6 minutes hard w/ 1 minute recovery

Warmup: 6k
Workout: 41 minutes
Cooldown: 5k

In total put in 13.25 in 92:58.

Ran the warmup in around 7:30 pace and the cool down averaged 7:15-20 pace. Trying to go a little faster on the cooldown. Pretty tuckered out after the pickups so had to concentrate. The pickups themselves were good. Definitely running sub 6:00 pace. Ran the intervals almost exclusively on trail as to protect my left calf. It was tight but not bad. Problem w/ running on trails is that it's difficult to get splits. At one point I was running 5:50ish pace but that was only over a 1/4 of a mile. Decided to make this a continuous run as opposed to a track workout b/c I feel that when I'm on the track I'm more conducive to tightening up the calf. I think I still need a few more faster paced continuous runs. 5:50 pace is too slow for this workout. I'm hoping I was running faster than that for the majority of it. If not, I'll be putting up a stinkbomb on Friday.

Weekly Numbers
62 1/4 miles in 5 runs
4 core routines
1 lifting routine
1 day of biking (39 miles)

Other notes:
Probably put in a good twenty hours of hard manual labor this week out in the yard. I mean I needed to ice my back afterwards type of work. Good news is that the place is looking better. Thanks to my old man for helping me out w/ the powerwashing today. More good news: KJ rolled over for the first time today.

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Jen said...

Pulling out shrub roots all week was probably the culprit behind the difficult runs...

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