Monday, August 31, 2009

2 x 2

AM: 11.5 miles in 83:54
PM: core work
I had one objective for today: run hard for 2 miles twice. I did that. I went real easy on the up and down, but when I arrived at the track, I worked it.

2 miles in 11:04
400 meter recovery
2 miles in 10:55

I felt strong and in charge. Working hard but in control. After the first one, I could feel my left calf a little bit so I stopped for few seconds and rubbed and stretched lightly. I didn't feel it again until the cooldown. I'm going to be careful w/ it over the next couple of days. Don't want to jeopardize the good thing I've got going on.

The pace ended up being faster than the pace I raced for 5 miles a couple of Sundays ago. Things seem to be coming together. Great last 4 days of running. I'm wondering if Friday's long, which ended in a sub 6:00 mile, has helped propel to yesterday and today's performance. Hopefully, I'm bringing it to the next level.

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