Friday, August 14, 2009


Friday 8.14.09
AM: 21 miles in 2:33.21
Hit blackjack on this morning's run. Did just the amount of miles I planned, so psyched about that. The pace was a bit slower than my normal long days but I don't think I crested over 7:30s at any point. Probably did a bunch at 7:00 or sub but this run was almost 100% on trail w/ no mile markers. No gel on this one but did take water at 50, 1:24, 1:40, and 2:22. I considered strapping on the fuel belt but opted against it pre-run. Getting out early helped as the morning air was cool and foggy. Also happy that I did most of this run on trail. Went through the sheep pasture and town forest before arriving at Borderland for a couple of loops. It was there that I discovered a bubbler (as we say in this neck of the woods) and took advantage of it 3x. Body felt good for the most part as I continue to get accustomed to long runs of 18 or more. This run would've killed me a year or two ago. Muscle memory is a very real thing.

Thursday 8.13.09
AM: Lifting routine at rec center
AM: 2 easy treadmill miles
Found myself w/ an extra 45 minutes on my hands and jumped on the t'mill for a deuce. Did it more for the stretching that accompanied the run.

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