Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dog Days

Some swimming, running, and lifting in this entry.

Thursday 8.27.09
AM: Lifting Routine
Back at the YMCA to go through the normal routine w/ all of the machines to which my body is accustomed. No two nautilus machines are the same, so not having to think about how much weight to pin was nice.

Wednesday 8.26.09
AM: core
PM: 12.5 miles in 91:07
The mileage is my best guess. This was my first evening run in about a month. It's much hotter at night than in the morning. I was tired and the humidity was zapping me. I still managed a workout.

2 x 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minute pickups w/ 1 minute recovery between each

I ran the first set very aggressively. Working real hard. Trying to improve my speed. I was happy w/ my effort. After the first set, took a ~4:30 recovery. I was dead (the heat and my effort). The second set I wanted to focus on stamina. I knew I wouldn't be able to repeat the speed of the first set but I didn't want to pack it in quite yet, so I ran the second set hard and controlled. The first set was a little out of control. I was really feeling it on the second half of the second set. I had the black dots and dead man walking thing going on.

I did the pickups on Aggie's trails. Hopefully my body appreciated the softer surfaces, eventhough I think I would've felt smoother and faster on asphalt. When the workout was over, I was dying of thirst but still had to cooldown all the way back to my house. Dead for the rest of the night.

Tuesday 8.25.09
AM: aqua jogging and 1200 yd swim
PM: core
Did the h2o jogging for about 22 mins then swam 1200 yds in two spurts. I swam 200 then rested for a minute. Then I did 1000 and got into a nice groove. The water was cool and I just kept going. Had to get out of the pool to be on time for a work meeting. Otherwise I might've had a mile in me.

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