Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reversing Direction

Before I get to my mundane training, let's talk about Usain Bolt for a minute. The guy is unreal. 9.58 for the 100! 19.19 for the 200! That's crazy fast. So fast that he was even the lead story on PTI today. How low can he take the 100 WR? It's now not unreal to say that someone may run under 19.0 in the 200. I remember watching Michael Johnson in Atlanta and thinking nobody will touch that time for a long, long time. Is a dozen years a long time? Not really.

Thursday 8.20.09
AM: 14 miles in 98:38
PM: core work
This workout was a bit of a dandy today. Got up early in an attempt to beat the heat but the humidity thickened the morning air. The plan was to do 2 x 3mile then 1 x 2mile w/ 3 min. rec in between each repeat. I wanted to run the reps. in ~5:40 pace. Here's how it turned out:

29 min warmup
3 mile rep. in 16:54 (then 3:06 recovery)
3 mile rep. in 17:42 (then 3:18 recovery)
2 mile rep. started @ 6:00 pace; ended at 5:08 pace
15 min cooldown

So what happened in the second 3 miler? Not to pin everything on this, but I ran it in the reverse direction. For some reason I thought it might be disadvantageous to take all my turns in the traditional counterclockwise fashion, so I switched it up. Mistake. I couldn't get in a groove. Wanted to change direction after a half mile but made myself take my medicine for being dumb. Fell why off the pace. Funny thing was I wasn't feeling horrible. Could merely reversing my direction alter my psyche in such a way that it slowed me down by nearly a minute? Henceforth, I am running in the traditional direction.

By the time the deuce came up, I was feeling fatigued. Ran the first half mile on the track then got off it for a trail loop. Finished the last half mile on the track and really worked hard, mostly b/c I knew I must have more in the tank after the slow second repeat and the slow first half of the present repeat. I did have more. Too much more? That's the question.

I did a few strides today both pre and post track work.

Wednesday 8.19.09
AM: 12.75 miles in 89:12
PM: core work
Up real early to get this one in. Had to cut the run a little short b/c of a full plate scheduled for the day. Started slow but worked down to ~6:25 pace at the end of the run. Felt good.

Tuesday 8.18.09
AM: core work and 30 minutes of aqua jogging; 1200 yards of swimming
First time in the pool since June. Have been doing mostly biking on my x-training day. The very hot weather made the pool feel good. Nice to get back in there.

Monday 8.17.09
AM: 15 miles in 1:53.00
PM: core work
Nice and easy today after yesterday's race. The miles were coming pretty easily. Happy to put a 15 spot in the log. Legs feeling pretty good. Only problem was the thirst. Still can't bring myself to wear the fuel belt. Did get some H2O from a spigot w/ 2 to go.

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