Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The last two days have been hot, good but hot.

Tuesday 8.11.09
AM: bike 140 minutes
PM: core work
Would like to know the mileage I logged, but the bike odometer kept clicking off and on. Frustrating. I'm thinking I did about 40 miles. Biked to Marathon Sports and back. Picked up a fuel belt there. Don't worry I won't be using it on any eight mile runs or 5k races.

Monday 8.10.09
AM: 13.5 miles in 94:31
PM: core work
Glad to get out early as it was already steamy by zero-eight. Did some hard tempo work today.

The workout:
4 x 6 min hard/threshold pace w/ 1 min rec
followed by 5:20 rec
1 x 20 min hard/threshold pace

The splits were slower than I wanted them to be. Took out the beginning of this workout hard and didn't get any splits on the trails. When I doubled back I finished the last of the 6 mins. on the track for a half mile and was doing 5:42 pace. Back on the trails for some recovery and feeling it. Drenched in sweat and no H20 in sight. The beginning of the last 20 mins started at 6:00 pace and ended w/ a 6:02 mile. Disappointed these splits weren't in the 5:40 range. I need to work on that. Still haven't done much speed work to date and the doc isn't exactly endorsing it given the condition of my perpetually tight calf. I'll keep working at it.

Two years ago today I married the coolest woman eva. Happy Anniversary J!

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