Sunday, August 2, 2009

This Week in Running: 7.27.09 to 8.02.09

Hardest week of training, I've had in some time. Feel good about that. Highest mileage week of the year and one of the most intense as well. The week wrapped up w/ some good ones.

Sunday 8.02.09
AM: core work and 11 miles in 78:57
Hit the track for what intended to be 8 x 1000m w/ 200 m jog recovery. Tired from the get-go but ignored that initial feeling. Wanted to do them in a controlled 5:30 pace to protect the left calf from over-tightening. I can deal w/ minor tightness; it's the big time knotting that worries me. Ended up only doing 7 reps b/c 1) I was not feeling in control, and 2) my calf was "talking" to me. I probably could've done the final repeat but didn't want to risk it. Am I contributing to the wussification of America? Maybe. Here are the splits:

1 - 3:24
2 - 3:24
3 - 3:24
4 - 3:25 (changed running direction on track after 4th one)
5 - 3:30
6 - 3:29
7 - 3:25

The recovery was okay. The temperature and humidity might've slowed me down a bit. Didn't feel nearly as strong as I did for the 6 x 1200m workout two weeks ago. I think several factors were involved in that, so I'm not panic-stricken.

Saturday 8.01.09
AM: 9.5 miles in 72:10
Down the cape for this one. Headed out from Captain Small in Yarmouth and hooked onto rr tracks and powerlines. Some good trail running, but a couple of wrong turns (perceived short cuts turned into long cuts) later and I ended up doing about 2 miles more than I wanted. No big deal as the pace was casual. No icing or stick today. I did soak my body in the Atlantic Ocean though. That was cool.

Sidebar: Kerin's first dip into the ocean was today.

Friday 7.31.09
AM: 20.5 miles in 2:28.26
First: thanks to Jen for putting out some water and a gel for me. That helped me on the back half. The long runs seem to be going well as I finished this one strong and at a good rhythm. Rocky Woods is proving to be a good spot for long days. Two 109 splits: 7:02 (down) and 7:06 (up). Fastest pace of the day came over the last 3k as I was feeling good. Continuing to try to finish long runs at not a slow pace. Gel at 1:57 helped the last half hour. Thanks again Jen.

Numbers for the week
67 3/4 miles in 6 runs (year high, I think)
4 core workouts
33 miles on the bike
1 lifting sequence

new sneakers: new balance 1223

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