Monday, August 24, 2009

This Week in Running: 8.17 to 8.23.09 (+1)

One day late w/ the "TWIR" update. On many different levels, this passed weekend was a good one. Here's how it sugared out running wise:

Saturday 8.22.09
AM: 23 miles in 3:02.53
A 3 hour tour. May've been farther than 23 but I was on trail for 2/3 of it so must estimate the mileage. It was hot and humid, mostly humid, and I actually wore the fuel belt for a portion of the run. I wore it out to Rocky Woods then took it off there b/c I knew I'd be doing loops. Knowing I'd have a couple of ounces of water every 25 or 30 minutes really helped. Halfway through the run I looked down at my body and I was completely soaked. Every inch of my body was emitting sweat. Desired salt but settled for an energy gel at 2:25. Prior to that I zoned out and went off the trail for a few minutes. When I snapped out of it, I didn't know where I was. It took me a minute to get my bearing and back on the correct trail. Even running a few minutes out of your way on a humid run like that can kill you. With two to go, I came across a water spigot and soaked my head, neck, and hat. That got me home. My pace was likely low 7s for the first 2/3 and high 7s for the last 1/3. Felt good to accomplish the run.

Sunday 8.23.09
AM: core & 7.25 in 51:55
Easy recovery day. Took the time to stretch, stick, and ice.

Monday 8.24.09
AM: 13 miles in 89:44
PM: core work
This run could've been over 13, but the trails make it hard to judge. Whenever I don't know, I tend to lowball the mileage. Took it easy the first 4 then did 2 x 20 min push w/ 3 minute recovery between each one. The pickups were at medium hard pace on not the best trails. The long surges woke me up and made the run go by quickly. At one point I was running at 6:04 pace, so the pickups were steady but not fast by any stretch of the imagination. Last half of the run felt much better than the first half as I cruised home w/ a 6:10 final mile. Legs are just a bit sore from the last three days. Extra stretching and icing are on the agenda.

Numbers for the Week (8.17 to 8.23)
72 miles in 5 runs
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
30 min aqua jog / 1200 yds swim

The mileage may be a weekly high for the year.

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