Sunday, August 30, 2009

This Week in Running 8.24.09 to 8.30.09

Another good week of training. Some fast stuff and some longer stuff. Here's how the week wrapped:

Friday 8.28.09
AM: 24.75 miles in 3:01.46
Real happy w/ this one. Got up at 0500 to beat the heat. Turned out to be a nice, cool day. Did the first 20 or so at Rocky Woods. Had water w/ me and that helped. Felt good but not awesome (that would come later). On my way to the Woods I clocked a pedestrian 7:15. I probably kept that pace throughout the trails. On my way back I hit a 7:09 on an uphill mile. From there the pace quickened. Sub 7:00s the rest of the way. I took a gel at about 17. It took a little bit to click in but when it did I felt positive effects. Now I had to hurry home b/c Jen had to leave for work and I had to watch KJ. That might've made me go faster too. When I got home, the baby was napping and I jumped on the treadmill. Wanted to get a solid two in. I wanted the pace to be strong b/c on my long runs I sometimes drag it home. The treadmill revitalized my effort. The last three miles were 6:25, 6:10, and 5:50.

5:50! I was excited about that. When I hit 6:10, I said to myself, "let's see if I can go one more sub 6:00." I was feeling good and I did it. The ending of this run was a real confidence booster. I now know I can finish a long run w/ a respectable split.

Saturday 8.29.09
AM: core and 8.25 miles in 61:57
My easy day. Went a mile farther than normal b/c I feared Sunday would be a bit of an abnormal day, but it turned out not to be. Body felt good after yesterday's long.

Sunday 8.30.09
AM: core and 12.75 miles in 83:36
This run was what I wanted it to be. I took about 2 miles to wakeup and get going. By fifteen minutes I was in an up-tempo marathon like pace. I held this pace for the rest of the way. If anything, I got quicker as the run continued. Last mile was a 6:04. I was in control and feeling strong the whole way. Not killing myself but not slacking either. A rarity for me: I did this run wholly on roads. No trails today. I do this route about once every six months. Last time I did it was Ash Wednesday. It's odd the things you remember.

Weekly Numbers
71 1/4 miles in 5 runs
22 minutes aqua jog and 1200 yds swimming
1 lifting sequence
5 core routines

Next week is a cut back week w/ a probable race at some point on the weekend.

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