Sunday, August 9, 2009

This Week in Running: 8.3.09 to 8.9.09

As planned, only ran four days this week. After two days off, my body was well rested for Saturday's run, which turned out to be one of my stronger running efforts in a long time. I was happy about that. Sunday was another easy day as I'm gearing up for an aggressive week starting on Monday.

Sunday 8.9.09
AM: corework and 7.25 miles in 51:53
Easy run to and through Adams Farm this morning. The weather was cool w/out a hint of humidity. I consider this a "bridge" run between two harder efforts.

Saturday 8.8.09
AM: 16.5 miles in 1:48.11
Ran a good portion of this run at Rocky Woods. Nice soft trails over there, which are very runner friendly. Felt good from the start. By a 1.5 miles I was at 7:14 pace and a couple miles later I clocked a 6:26. Couldn't get any splits on the trails but the effort remained consistent if not faster than the :26 split. On the way back hit 6:23 on an uphill mile. A bit later I was at 6:00 pace and my ending mile was again 6:00. Would've liked a 5:something in there, but I felt strong, controlled, and comfortable the whole way. Did the distance w/out water or gel and didn't mind it at all. The weather was nice and conducive to some hard cardio. Finished the day w/ a few hours of yard work.

Weekly Numbers
42 1/2 miles in 4 runs (planned cutback)
1 lifting session
5 core workouts

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