Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clarence DeMar Marathon Race Report

The Skinny

26.2 mile time - 2:39.57
pace - 6:07
place - 3
division - 3

1 - 6:04
2 - 6:19
3 - 5:58
4 - 6:09
5 - 6:07
6 - 6:03
7 - 6:05
8 - 6:10
9 - 6:11
10 - 6:04
11 - 6:01
12 - 6:05
13 - 5:50
14 - 6:02
15 - 6:03
16 - 5:59
17 - 6:11
18 - 6:04
19 - 6:14
20 - 6:02
21 - missed it
22 - 12:17 (for 2)
23 - 6:11
24 - 6:28
25- 5:56
26 - 6:10
.2 - 73

The Full Race Report


Headed up to Brattleboro, VT to our hotel early Saturday afternoon. All of the hotels in Keene were either booked or required a 2 night minimum. Our "hotel" didn't. The pictures on the internet looked fine, but once we checked in we had our doubts. Can we let a baby stay in this room? It's only one night, we rationalized.

Registration at Keene State was smooth. Everybody there was so nice and accommodating. They even gave KJ a bib number to wear. The ride from the hotel was about 22 minutes, valuable info in determining the wakeup time on race day. After putting the little one to bed, Jen and I ordered takeout. Prerace meal: steak, baked potato, asparagus, a crab cake, ziti, and rolls. Washed it down w/ plenty of water and gatorade. Just before bed, ate a peanut butter and jelly w/ more water.

Woke up at 5 am. Did my business and headed to Keene. Did some stretching there and sipped a water bottle continuously. Boarded the bus to Gilsum at about 6:30. People were quite friendly and I chatted all the way to Gilsum w/ a woman who had just completed Reach the Beach.

Arrived at Gilsum up about 45 minutes before the race began. Bathroom lines moved quickly. A misty rain was falling, maybe that hurried people along. Did my stretching routine and jogged for about 8 minutes to warmup the legs. Arrived back ten minutes before the start and did some more stretches.

the race

At the starting line, the mood remained light and upbeat. The started accidentally fired the gun and if this was a bigger marathon, I wondered if the crowd in the back would have stampeded those of us at the line who clearly saw it was a misfire. Anyway, the gun went off for a second time and we were on our way.

First mile started downhill and one young buck took off. He was probably do 5:30 pace. Nobody went with him. I settled into fifth place and would remain there for the upcoming miles. I was trying not to think too much about the race, but I was obsessing about time and splits in the early miles. I told myself to stop looking at my watch, but I kept looking anyway. Instead of staring at the watch, I should've been taking in the scenery. The first half of the course is beautiful (even in the rain). Part of it parallels a river and the leaves were turning into their autumnal hues.

At 6 miles, I took my first water. I really wasn't thirsty but felt I should take something. I only took water a handful of times over the course of the race. I think the misty conditions kept my body hydrated. Just after 6, the young buck came back to me. He looked harried and when I passed him, he didn't respond. At 7, I passed another runner. He stayed w/ me for a little mile and then fell off the pace. In third place at 7 and would remain that way for the rest of the marathon.

I was feeling good at this point and just trying to stay relaxed. Told myself that I would only check my watch at key checkpoints: 13.1, 16, 20. I looked at 10 too and was happy to see a split of 61:10. It was at this point I also started looking for the family. My sister had planned on meeting me about the halfway point on her bike. She had gels and water for me. Jen and KJ were also en route. Knowing they were out there gave me something I could look forward to.

Can't remember when I first saw Kathy, my sister, but it was somewhere around the half. I was happy that they marked the halfway point. I was at 1:19.47. I thought to myself: Sub 1:20 is good, I'm on track for besting my PR of 2:44. However, I also thought: I usually run the second half of a marathon much slower than the first. I did a good job here of staying in the moment and not worrying about the future miles. After a couple of turns, there was a good straightaway and I was feeling exceptionally strong. Having Kathy on her bike yelling at me undoubtedly helped. She would go ahead then stop and shout at me. It was cool. After the half, I was looking to get to 16.

I told Kathy that I'd take a gel at 14. I didn't. My legs were feeling good enough for me to wait. What wasn't feeling so good was the bladder and GI. I was contemplating making a pit stop and thought I would have to at some point. Never did. During the race, I was actually telling myself that having to go to the bathroom was a good thing b/c it was distracting me from any discomfort in my legs. In a weird way, it kept me going. Ended up taking a gel and water at 15, and my pace didn't waver.

Looked at the watch at 16. 1:37.09 and still feeling good. Of course, my first thought was 63 minutes to run sub 2:40 is doable. That thought, however, was juxtaposed w/ "a lot can go wrong in 10." At this point I wasn't really thinking of sub 2:40. I was thinking a PR is very possible.

Don't remember much from 16 to 20, primarily b/c I was just looking to get to 20. Chunking the marathon helped me get through it. I think I took another water and I remember what I presumed to be a girls' xc team at the head of the bike path. The bike path was topsy-turvy and led me to the 20 mile mark and my family. At 20, I was 2:01.40. I was anticipating 2:03 or 04. What a pleasant surprise. Still, I was thinking more about going sub 2:44 than 2:40 b/c of the 2 crash and burns I've experienced in Newton/Boston. Right after 20, Jen and KJ appeared. I heard them before I saw then and that exhilarated me. It was cool to see the little one in her carriage wondering what the heck her mom was doing yelling at her dad.

At this point, I'm thinking I have a 10k to go. I sort of can't believe how good I'm feeling. Then I start thinking about all of the hard work I've done. I'm saying to myself: you've trained at this pace. You've practiced finishing a 20+ run at sub 6:00 pace. I had a good mindset.

I told Kathy I wanted a gel at 21 but I didn't take it. In fact, we both missed the 21 mile marker. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise b/c when I saw the 22 marker I was pleasantly surprised. It came up quickly. I was thinking I must be at least 21.5 by now and there was 22. Kathy, thank goodness, was persistent and offered me the gel again. I took it and was glad I did. I think it gave me the energy I needed to make it to the finish.

Mile 22 contains a ridiculous hill. It's short but steep. It's two (maybe three) tiered and did I say steep? Getting up it was tough but a downhill reward followed. I think it was at this point where the quads started to throb a little bit. Soon after that hill, the gel started coming back up on me. I was regurgitating it in my mouth and re-swallowing it. It didn't taste so good so I took a little more water.

Saw the family again at 23 and I was feeling in the zone. Kathy was biking and Jen was jogging with the stroller. Another cool, memorable moment. Just after 23, my parents called Kathy on her cell. I vociferated my 23 mile split: 2:20 something. (It was 2:20.08.) This was the first time I thought to myself: I could go sub 2:40. I thought: I have 20 minutes to run 3 miles, I can do that (I conveniently forgot the .2). I started to bear down.

By 24, it felt like somebody was pounded a mallet into each of my quads. I lost it a little bit on 24 but tried to keep pushing. The energy was waning but still present. The leg pain was increasing. At 25, I looked at my watch. The split ended in :56. That was the first thing I saw. I thought it was 6:56 but when I looked again it was 5:56 and I couldn't believe it. Now during the 24th mile, I told myself: you have to be at 25 in 2:32 if you want a shot at breaking 2:40. Well, at 25, I was at :32. I prayed for strength as I worked down Baker Street. I saw a handmade sign that signaled 25.5 and that was helpful. I tried to push more but didn't know if I was going faster. A quarter of a mile later I saw Jen and KJ for the last time. They were crazy w/ their encouragement. I also remember Kathy shouting: "You own it. You own it."

I made the penultimate turn and there was the 26 marker. I said to myself the watch has to say :38. It did. I didn't know the seconds so I booked it. I made the final turn and geared down one more time. I was both in pain and above the pain. I saw the clock ticking 50, 51, 52, 53....I dug down one last time for a final push. My hamstrings tightened into racquetballs. I actually thought: I could go down right here. I was either going to collapse from hamstring failure or break the line in 2:39 something. Fortunately, for me the latter occurred.


In my delirium, I clicked the wrong button on my watch and couldn't read my final time. I frantically asked my sister if I broke 2:40. She said I definitely did. I exulted. I was so happy. I kept saying I can't believe it, I can't believe it. Later that night Jen finally said, "Why can't you believe it? You worked hard for it." Still, I was on such a high that I somehow thought that I must be dreaming it. I mean sub 2:40 has been a lifetime goal for me. One of those things that you think about and wonder: will I ever be able to do it. So when you do it, you kind of can't believe it has materialized.

Jen and KJ and Kathy were so happy for me. That was awesome. It was also cool to see how others were so happy for me. From my parents to my brothers to race officials to fellow runners, when I told them I attained my goal, they were so happy. That feeling of communal support and encouragement is a natural high.

Just to be sure, I stuck around to get the official results. Next to my name was 2:39.57. It was official. I'm in the sub 2:40 club. Two days later and still psyched.

So now I'll either retire from running and grow a pot belly or, as
Justin Fyffe said, go for that next goal.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Week in Running: 9.21.09 to 9.27.09

Special Notice

After taking it easy most of the week, I ran hard today and achieved a PR in the marathon. To say I'm psyched would be an understatement.

New PR
26.2 - 2:39.57
pace - 6:07

It took a wild, frantic, hamstring knotting sprint down the final straight away to get in under 2:40. I still can't believe I did it. I'm in the sub 2:40 club! My previous best was 2:44.35 at Ocean State back in 2000. Clarence DeMar is my new favorite marathon. When I have more time (hopefully tomorrow), I'll write a full race report. In short, I pr'ed and came in third overall.

I don't know if that PR would have been possible if it wasn't for my family. First to Jen for supporting me in this endeavor. Second to KJ for giving me inspiration. I have to give a special shout out to my sister, Kathy, for driving up to Keene in the rain on an early Sunday morning to encourage me and pass me gu and water all this while riding a bike and giving my parents updates on her cellphone. Moment I won't soon forget: Jen pushing KJ in the stroller and running with me and shouting good things at me. Thanks you guys!

Congrats to Justin Fyffe for winning the whole thing. He was just training through this one and ran 2:34.

Here's how the rest of the week ended up:

Friday 9.25.09
PM: lifting routine
Instead of 3 sets of everything, I did two in prep for DeMar on Sunday.

Saturday 9.26.09
AM: core and 6 miles in 44:32
Taking it easy at Adams Farm. Did some trails I don't normally do. Felt good. In the early afternoon, we headed up north to Brattleboro, VT then Keene, NH to check into our hotel and pickup the race number for tomorrow.

Sunday 9.27.09
AM: 26.2 miles in 2:39.57
Did ~.8 as a warmup so I'm calling it 27 for the day. Feeling a touch guilty for not doing a cooldown, but I did stretch, stick, ice. Still ecstatic about the PR.

Weekly Data
61 miles in 5 runs
67 minutes on the bike (outside)
5 core workouts
1 lifting routine
1 PR

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Ready

Thursday 9.24.09
AM: core
PM: 7.25 miles in 51:24
While stretching pre-run and even at work, I knew this was going to be a good run primarily b/c yesterday was so dreadful. I had energy today and ran well. The miles flew out of my body and the run was an overall success. Sure, it wasn't long, but this course has taken me over 56 mins. before. Although I could have, I wasn't going to do more; I want a full tank for this weekend. Ended the run with a few strides on Wilson Field.

Wednesday 9.23.09
AM: core
PM: 9 miles in 68:38
A bad run. Tired and hot and couldn't get in a groove. Had to take the little one to an appt, which led me to not getting out the door until after 5. That's late for me. Just tired today. Wanted to do at least ten and a few at marathon pace, but it just wasn't in the cards, and I thought it would be stupid to force it. Didn't have a planned course for this run. I find when I don't have a plan going into a run, it can often be a bad one. Finished up w/ stretch, stick, ice. I hope this is my one bad run before DeMar this Sunday.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tuesday 9.22.09
AM: core
PM: 67 min outdoor bike
On the way home from work, KJ and I stopped at Newbury Comics to pickup the new Pearl Jam disc, Backspacer. Listened to about half of it so far--it's good stuff. Perhaps having "Got Some" in my head led to a nice, aggressive bike ride. It felt so easy, but my pace wasn't slow. 67 mins. is short but I only had a limited amt of time. Plus, I have DeMar this weekend so I'm not overdoing it.

Monday 9.21.09
AM: core
PM: 12.25 miles in 82:44
Felt so good today. Too good? After starting easy, I did 2 x 12 min pickups on the trail followed by a marked mile on the road. Felt strong and fluid throughout. Without going crazy, I clocked the mile in 5:51. Turned it down for the last mile and hit 6:21. For me, these are good signs. I kept the reins on and the left calf did not tighten. Happy about that. This is likely the last "hard" pace work I do before DeMar on Sunday.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Week in Running: 9.14 to 9.20.09

This was the best week since work restarted. Getting used to the new routine. Bought some gu and body glide today. Getting ready for next weekend.

Sunday 9.20.09
AM: core and 7 miles in 52:04
Easy recovery day at Adams Farm. Chilly mornings signal fall is right around the corner. When I left, I don't think the mercury hit 50. Some extra stretch and ice today.

Weekly Data
62 3/4 miles in 5 runs
4 core workouts
65 mins on the bike
1 lifting sequence

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Booked It

Last night I booked a reservation for a hotel in Brattleboro, VT. This means I'm running the Clarence DeMar marathon next Sunday morning. I was a bit surprised to see that all of the Keene, NH area hotels were booked, and if they weren't, a two night minimum stay was required. That's what foliage season will do to you. Booking a hotel for a race is always somewhat exciting.

Saturday 9.19.09
AM: 18.75 miles in 2:13.06
Last long run before the marathon. Felt pretty good. I had energy but was plagued by GI issues most of the run. I know how to correct that, though, so am not too worried. My calf tightened a lil' bit at 14. I wanted to finish the last 7 at a moderate clip, but this kept me in reserve mode. The last mile was 6:40. It's a couple hours later, and I don't feel dead. That's good.

Friday 9.18.09
PM: lifting routine
Hit the gym on my off day to do some lifting. Nothing special. Also used the opportunity to do some leg stretching.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Runs

After slumping and feeling badly for the previous two weeks, this week has felt much better.

Thursday 9.17.09
AM: core
PM: 10 miles in 72:44
Started off easy, then did some "speed play" in the middle/end of the run. I would pick up the pace for shorter intervals then bring it back down. Left calf was feeling pretty good.

Wednesday 9.16.09
AM: core
PM: 12.75 in 84:52
A good run. Ran it at a modified marathon pace. I say modified b/c ideally, I'll be running a marathon faster than 6:20 pace. I felt strong. I was giving it a steady effort but nothing overly exerting. I could feel the left calf the whole way, but it was a sensation that didn't give me any real concern. I did this road course two weeks ago. I did the same type of workout but w/ more intensity. I was ~70 seconds faster last time, but I didn't have any red lights like I did today slowing me down.

Tuesday 9.15.09
AM: Dr. Mika visit
PM: 65 minutes on the bike
Dr. Mika worked on the left calf. He acknowledged the knot and cautioned me about track workouts. Overall, he gave me a good prognosis and said that running a marathon in two weeks should be do-able. I hope he's right.
Felt great on the bike. No mileage b/c the odometer clicked off. It's temperamental like that. Probably still on a high from the Patriots game. Our friend Melissa has been visiting from the land of a thousand likes and Jesse the Body Ventura (Minnesota). It's been nice hanging w/ her.

Monday 9.14.09
AM: core
PM: 14.25 miles in 1:45.01
Big workout today and I was mentally prepared for it. I knew it had to be a good one b/c my previous week of running had really been disappointing. On tap: 7 x 1 mile. Here are the details w/ recovery time in parenthesis:

mile 1 - 5:33 (61)
mile 2 - 5:34 (59)
mile 3 - 5:32 (57)
mile 4 - 5:32 (59)
mile 5 - 5:39 (61)
mile 6 - 5:38 (61)
mile 7 - 5:35

Pretty happy w/ this workout. I've done this particular workout 2x before but never w/ only one minute recovery between ALL repeats. Previously I've taking about 4 minutes after the 4th one. This time I was in a groove and wanted to continue to click them off. I hit my goal of doing them all sub 5:40. The first two felt so easy. The end of the fourth one I was feeling it a little bit. I was tired on 5 and my splits reflected a bit of a struggle the rest of the way home. However, I never felt totally dead or out of control. I was in control of this workout; it wasn't in control of me. That's not always the case when I step on the track.
It helped to have a field hockey game going on in the middle. I think I may have indirectly converted some of the bench players to running. They were just sitting there looking so bored and staring at me. I hope they were wishing they were doing what I was doing instead of being stuck on a bench. It made me realize there's a whole lot of downtime in other sports. No downtime in running.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This Week in Running: 9.7 to 9.13.09

Not the best week of running I've ever had. Felt slow for most of it. Although, I got some good rest this weekend and am hoping I'll be rearing to go come Monday.

Sunday 9.13.09
AM: core and 7.25 miles in 55:44
Easy recovery day at Adams Farm. The left calf is still tight, but it's not bad if I go slow like I did today. I'm thinking of doing some faster stuff tomorrow and the calf needs to hold strong. Finished the day with stretch, stick, ice.

I'll be seeing Dr. Mika on Tuesday, and I think he'll be working the calf pretty severely.

Weekly Data
64 miles in 6 runs
about 14 miles on the bike
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence

Saturday, September 12, 2009


This hasn't been an easy last few days. I'm back at work full-time now, and I'm still adjusting to afternoon as opposed to morning running. Most of my recent runs have been slower and shorter than I would've hoped. Here's to bouncing back soon.

Tuesday 9.8.09
AM: core
PM: 11.5 miles in 88:13
This run didn't start until 6:15 in the evening due to an eye doctor's appointment. I wasn't planning on the doctor putting drops in my eyes that blurred my vision when I ran. Just walking, I was fine but when running I had to blink a lot and constantly refocus. Put on top of that a quickly darkening sky and the uneven surface of a trail and you have a pretty slow run. That's fine b/c I simply wanted to get some miles in today and loosen up after yesterday's race.

Wednesday 9.9.09
AM: core
PM: outdoor bike ~14.3 miles and 2.5 miles on treadmill
Did a couple on the t'mill b/c I felt my left calf needed the opportunity to loosen up.

Thursday 9.10.09
Happy Birthday J!
AM: core
PM: 9.5 miles in 70:12
Shorter and slower than I wanted. Left calf still sore, a little too sore. Wanted to do some tempo work, something like 4 x 10 min hard, but I just didn't have it today. The calf was touching and the tank was empty. I did some change of pace work at Bird Park, but I was still slow. Felt best at the end, but not a confidence builder. The good thing of the run: I cut it short and was able to have more time w/ Jen on her birthday.

Friday 9.11.09
PM: lifting routine
Calf still sore and Jen worked on the knot for a good fifteen minutes. Hopefully that will give me some relief. Spent some time w/ the foam roller too.

Saturday 9.12.09
AM: 20 miles in 2:27.38
First half of the run was better than the second. I did the first 8 on the treadmill due to the downpours outside. After 8, the rain curtailed and Jen needed the t'mill. I ran the next dozen outdoors. It was precipitating throughout and the last few miles it was pretty bad. It was one of those runs in which you finish cold and soaked. The middle miles were a struggle, which only made me think that my slump is still continuing. I need to shake it soon. Running in a slump does not equal a fun time. On the treadmill I got it down to sub 6:40 and that was as fast as I got. Finished up the day w/ stretch, stick, ice. Will likely repeat later today/tonight.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Walpole Road Race

The 36th edition of the Walpole Road Race was held today. The weather was a perfect 64 degrees.

The Skinny

10k time: 33:15
pace: 5:31
place: 3rd / division: 1st
1 - 5:27
2 - 5:29
3 - 5:27
4 - 5:36
5 - 5:26
6 - 5:42
.2 - 68

The Full Race Report

Almost a tad chilly when I arrived at WHS. First thing I noticed was all the volunteers ready to assist the runners with registration and everything else that goes into a road race. Picked up my number, did some stretches, and headed out for a warmup.

I felt good and fresh on the warmup. I jogged for about 25 minutes nice and easy. When I got back, the lav lines were long, but I found an ancillary bathroom in plain sight that no one was using. 45 seconds later I was on my way.

The 5k started first at 10 o'clock. Five minutes later the 10k gun fired.

My last race I began too slowly and I didn't want to replicate that mistake again. I took it out a bit harder w/ a 5:27. I was in third place and would remain that way for the rest of the race. From the whistle, Justin Lutz of New Balance Boston took it out w/ authority. I didn't know it was Lutz at the time, but that guy can bring it. He was gone in about two minutes. He ended up running 32:twentysomething for an easy win. You can read more about Justin on the NBB blog.
He has major running credentials.

After a mile, Philip Gingras was about 8 to 10 seconds ahead of me and behind me I heard the footsteps of no one. Philip is a solid runner and he remained that distance ahead of me for most of the race. Near the 5 mile mark I closed to w/in a handful of meters of Philip but on the Main Street uphill I ran out of gas. He ended up gapping me by 15 seconds. He rallied for a strong finish when I was doing the skeleton dance all the way back to the high school.

The course is very up and down. The first two miles seemed to go by slowly for me, and even though the last 5k hurt more, it seemed to go by quicker. The major up/down of the race is between 3.5 and 4.5 on Washington Street. I actually didn't find that bump to be too bad. I think what slows this course down is the minor hills that are always around the next corner.

Through 3 miles in 16:21 and feeling good. Felt good at the 4 mile maker too. At this point I was thinking I would catch the second place runner. There was fuel in my tank. After transgressing through some Walpole neighborhoods, we came out to the start of the course then looped around the other side of the town before finishing. Passing the crowd at the finishing line provided a bit of a boost and I was still feeling pretty strong and though I was going pretty fast.

When the 5 mile mark came up, I was anticipating the timer to call a low 27, potentially even a high 26. He called 27:19. Two thoughts came into my mind: 1) that's 20 seconds faster than my 5 mile race time three weeks ago, and 2) damn, I thought that would be faster. I grappled w/ these thoughts for all of three seconds before refocusing on the race. But am now wondering if that didn't mentally hold me back. To expect a low 27 split when you're working hard and to get a mid 27 split can be harrowing. Then turn a corner and put a hill in front of you and good night. Usually I'm pretty strong in between the ears, so maybe it's that I just haven't done any speed work under a half mile.

Sort of fell apart the last mile. The tank emptied much quicker than I anticipated. The second runner's lead started to expand when I thought it might contract. Last mile was 5:42. Missed my goal of running every split sub 5:40. That irked me. The last mile is primarily uphill, but I usually can rally for a strong finish. Didn't happen today. Still worked hard to the end to finish in 33:16 (officially).

First post-race thought: I died that last mile. Second post-race thought: I'm disappointed. I wanted to do a couple of things today. I wanted to run mid to high 5:20s and I wanted to definitely run sub 34:00 maybe even mid 33's. I was well rested going into the event, so def. thought it was possible. In retrospect, my training has been directed toward a fall 26.2, not a 10k. I think in these 5 milers/1ok's I would really benefit from doing shorter intervals. However, I have to keep in mind that's not my long-term focus. We'll see how things play out.

Congrats to Justin and Philip for strong races. Congrats also to women's winner Lisa Donnelly. And of course a big congrats to 5k winner Michelle Searney, who just so happened to grow up in my neighborhood. She beat all but 4 men. Full results are on Cool Running.

See you on the roads.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

This Week in Running 8.31 to 9.6.09

Some catching up to do.

Tuesday 9.1.09
AM: core
PM: outdoor bike for 16.5 miles
A quick hour workout. Back to work so time is a bit more compressed. Already seeing the good fit of this being a cutback week.

Wednesday 9.2.09
AM: core
PM: 9.75 miles in 72:52
Tired from the start. I'm used to running in the am. Now, I have to transition to running in the pm during the week. It'll probably take my legs, stomach, brain a couple of runs to acclimate. Still managed to do 4 x 5 min hard pickups w/ 45 second recovery. I did the hard running on the soft trails of Adams Farm. Dead for the rest of the night.

Thursday 9.3.09
AM: core
PM: 6 miles in 45:33
Today is the day in which I know I'm on a cutback week. 6 easy ones w/ no stress. Felt better than yesterday but not by much. Still getting used to late afternoon runs.

Friday 9.4.09
AM: lifting routine at the YMCA
Nothing new here. Good to be done for the day before 0700.

Saturday 9.5.09
AM: 16.75 miles in 1:54.13
After a couple of miles I got into a ~6:45 pace and just cruised. Maybe a bit slower on the trails and a bit faster on the roads. Did a little experiment out there. Took two Clif's Shot Blocks instead of a gel. I've decided I like the gel better. The blocks stuck to my teeth. I had to pick them off my teeth to digest. Not something I want to do while running. Felt I could've gone faster. Actually felt guilty for not going faster, but I'm racing Monday and don't want to empty the tank two days earlier. Not sure if this bit of caution is a good idea or not. Will see on Monday.

Sunday 9.6.09
AM: core and 7.25 in 51:12
Am wondering if my usual Sunday jaunt is closer to 7.0 than 7.25. It's on trail so it's hard to tell. Smooth and easy day that capped off a nice recovery week. Hopefully, I'll be rearing to go come Monday.

For this cutback week I was 20 miles fewer than my previous two weeks. I'm wondering if this was too severe of a cutback. Didn't really have a mileage # in mind for the week. What I did is what I did.

Weekly Numbers
51 1/4 miles in 5 runs
5 core workouts
16 1/2 miles on the bike
1 lifting sequence

Good-bye Seymourbuns. Thanks for the memories 93.