Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tuesday 9.22.09
AM: core
PM: 67 min outdoor bike
On the way home from work, KJ and I stopped at Newbury Comics to pickup the new Pearl Jam disc, Backspacer. Listened to about half of it so far--it's good stuff. Perhaps having "Got Some" in my head led to a nice, aggressive bike ride. It felt so easy, but my pace wasn't slow. 67 mins. is short but I only had a limited amt of time. Plus, I have DeMar this weekend so I'm not overdoing it.

Monday 9.21.09
AM: core
PM: 12.25 miles in 82:44
Felt so good today. Too good? After starting easy, I did 2 x 12 min pickups on the trail followed by a marked mile on the road. Felt strong and fluid throughout. Without going crazy, I clocked the mile in 5:51. Turned it down for the last mile and hit 6:21. For me, these are good signs. I kept the reins on and the left calf did not tighten. Happy about that. This is likely the last "hard" pace work I do before DeMar on Sunday.


J.Fyffe said...

Pearl Jam Rocks man! My favorite band. I haven't picked up the album yet though.

KG said...

If you listen to the first 4 songs right before you toe the line at Bay State, you will qualify for the Olympic trials.

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