Saturday, September 19, 2009

Booked It

Last night I booked a reservation for a hotel in Brattleboro, VT. This means I'm running the Clarence DeMar marathon next Sunday morning. I was a bit surprised to see that all of the Keene, NH area hotels were booked, and if they weren't, a two night minimum stay was required. That's what foliage season will do to you. Booking a hotel for a race is always somewhat exciting.

Saturday 9.19.09
AM: 18.75 miles in 2:13.06
Last long run before the marathon. Felt pretty good. I had energy but was plagued by GI issues most of the run. I know how to correct that, though, so am not too worried. My calf tightened a lil' bit at 14. I wanted to finish the last 7 at a moderate clip, but this kept me in reserve mode. The last mile was 6:40. It's a couple hours later, and I don't feel dead. That's good.

Friday 9.18.09
PM: lifting routine
Hit the gym on my off day to do some lifting. Nothing special. Also used the opportunity to do some leg stretching.

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