Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Runs

After slumping and feeling badly for the previous two weeks, this week has felt much better.

Thursday 9.17.09
AM: core
PM: 10 miles in 72:44
Started off easy, then did some "speed play" in the middle/end of the run. I would pick up the pace for shorter intervals then bring it back down. Left calf was feeling pretty good.

Wednesday 9.16.09
AM: core
PM: 12.75 in 84:52
A good run. Ran it at a modified marathon pace. I say modified b/c ideally, I'll be running a marathon faster than 6:20 pace. I felt strong. I was giving it a steady effort but nothing overly exerting. I could feel the left calf the whole way, but it was a sensation that didn't give me any real concern. I did this road course two weeks ago. I did the same type of workout but w/ more intensity. I was ~70 seconds faster last time, but I didn't have any red lights like I did today slowing me down.

Tuesday 9.15.09
AM: Dr. Mika visit
PM: 65 minutes on the bike
Dr. Mika worked on the left calf. He acknowledged the knot and cautioned me about track workouts. Overall, he gave me a good prognosis and said that running a marathon in two weeks should be do-able. I hope he's right.
Felt great on the bike. No mileage b/c the odometer clicked off. It's temperamental like that. Probably still on a high from the Patriots game. Our friend Melissa has been visiting from the land of a thousand likes and Jesse the Body Ventura (Minnesota). It's been nice hanging w/ her.

Monday 9.14.09
AM: core
PM: 14.25 miles in 1:45.01
Big workout today and I was mentally prepared for it. I knew it had to be a good one b/c my previous week of running had really been disappointing. On tap: 7 x 1 mile. Here are the details w/ recovery time in parenthesis:

mile 1 - 5:33 (61)
mile 2 - 5:34 (59)
mile 3 - 5:32 (57)
mile 4 - 5:32 (59)
mile 5 - 5:39 (61)
mile 6 - 5:38 (61)
mile 7 - 5:35

Pretty happy w/ this workout. I've done this particular workout 2x before but never w/ only one minute recovery between ALL repeats. Previously I've taking about 4 minutes after the 4th one. This time I was in a groove and wanted to continue to click them off. I hit my goal of doing them all sub 5:40. The first two felt so easy. The end of the fourth one I was feeling it a little bit. I was tired on 5 and my splits reflected a bit of a struggle the rest of the way home. However, I never felt totally dead or out of control. I was in control of this workout; it wasn't in control of me. That's not always the case when I step on the track.
It helped to have a field hockey game going on in the middle. I think I may have indirectly converted some of the bench players to running. They were just sitting there looking so bored and staring at me. I hope they were wishing they were doing what I was doing instead of being stuck on a bench. It made me realize there's a whole lot of downtime in other sports. No downtime in running.

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