Sunday, September 6, 2009

This Week in Running 8.31 to 9.6.09

Some catching up to do.

Tuesday 9.1.09
AM: core
PM: outdoor bike for 16.5 miles
A quick hour workout. Back to work so time is a bit more compressed. Already seeing the good fit of this being a cutback week.

Wednesday 9.2.09
AM: core
PM: 9.75 miles in 72:52
Tired from the start. I'm used to running in the am. Now, I have to transition to running in the pm during the week. It'll probably take my legs, stomach, brain a couple of runs to acclimate. Still managed to do 4 x 5 min hard pickups w/ 45 second recovery. I did the hard running on the soft trails of Adams Farm. Dead for the rest of the night.

Thursday 9.3.09
AM: core
PM: 6 miles in 45:33
Today is the day in which I know I'm on a cutback week. 6 easy ones w/ no stress. Felt better than yesterday but not by much. Still getting used to late afternoon runs.

Friday 9.4.09
AM: lifting routine at the YMCA
Nothing new here. Good to be done for the day before 0700.

Saturday 9.5.09
AM: 16.75 miles in 1:54.13
After a couple of miles I got into a ~6:45 pace and just cruised. Maybe a bit slower on the trails and a bit faster on the roads. Did a little experiment out there. Took two Clif's Shot Blocks instead of a gel. I've decided I like the gel better. The blocks stuck to my teeth. I had to pick them off my teeth to digest. Not something I want to do while running. Felt I could've gone faster. Actually felt guilty for not going faster, but I'm racing Monday and don't want to empty the tank two days earlier. Not sure if this bit of caution is a good idea or not. Will see on Monday.

Sunday 9.6.09
AM: core and 7.25 in 51:12
Am wondering if my usual Sunday jaunt is closer to 7.0 than 7.25. It's on trail so it's hard to tell. Smooth and easy day that capped off a nice recovery week. Hopefully, I'll be rearing to go come Monday.

For this cutback week I was 20 miles fewer than my previous two weeks. I'm wondering if this was too severe of a cutback. Didn't really have a mileage # in mind for the week. What I did is what I did.

Weekly Numbers
51 1/4 miles in 5 runs
5 core workouts
16 1/2 miles on the bike
1 lifting sequence

Good-bye Seymourbuns. Thanks for the memories 93.

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