Saturday, October 24, 2009

Haunted Hayride

Tomorrow I plan on racing. My legs I have ready for the last week or so. I'm going to try a 5k. I'm excited and curious about it. I haven't entered a 5k race in years. I'm talking many years. Maybe the last 5k I did was CVS back in 03 or 04. Should be interesting. I want to run it hard w/out tightening the calf which has been feeling great. I'll need a good warmup. Don't know what to expect. Want to at least go sub 17:00 and sub 5:30 pace. I'll be p'oed if that doesn't happen.

Still looking for a 1/2 marathon to run. Thought I found one in Manchester on November 1 but they don't have race day packet pickup. I'm not going to travel over 2 hours just to pickup a race bib to just have to do it all again the next day. I wish they didn't think they were the Boston Marathon.

Saturday 10.24.09
AM: core
Had to put in a full day of work today. Got home in time to give KJ a bath and read her a story. Wanted to go to the gym to lift but it didn't open until 7:00 on Saturday and I had to be to work by 8:00. That sucked. I get irked when work doesn't allow me to workout.

Friday 10.23.09
PM: 7.25 miles in 54:03
Started the run in the light and finished it in the dark. If that's not a sign the winter is headed our way, nothing is. This run also reminded me of temporary night blindness. That is, when you're running into the traffic, the headlights of cars blinds you and doesn't let you see where you are stepping.
Highlight of the run: going over to Aggie trails and realizing they were setting up for haunted hayrides. I think I scared some of the kids hiding on the side of the trail. Guess they weren't expected a running to pass by at a medium pace. The hayride looked like lots of fun; we'll surely have to take KJ there in a couple of years. Lowlight of run: major cramps last fifteen minutes killed the overall pace of my jog.

Thursday 10.22.09
AM: core
PM: 11.25 miles in 84:52
Today was a workout:
10 x 3 min hard w/ 1 min recovery
Prior to the run, I'm pretty sure I bumped into a trio of middle schoolers smoking pot in the woods. They looked as guilty as sin and reeked of bud when I passed them. It actually really irritated me. I mean, really, thirteen year olds smoking up?
The workout was good. Prior to it, I was in a slow comfortable pace and could've easily remained in that "groove." The workout, once started, went well. I felt strong. It reminded me of the same workout I did (except x12) in August. My legs feel ready for a race.

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