Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moving Along

Wednesday 10.21.09
AM: core
PM: 10.25 miles in 72:37
Not intentionally but this easy run got quicker and quicker as the run progressed. I was on and out-and-back trail, and when I turned to head home, I picked it up without feeling an uptick in intensity. I felt myself going faster w/out working harder. I fell into a good groove. Nice and smooth. Going to do some harder stuff tomorrow and am ready for it.

Tuesday 10.20.09
AM: core
PM: bike for ~62 minutes
Started the bike on the indoor trainer and finished on the roads. KJ and I kept each other company for the first part of the workout, and when J got home, I had to get outside b/c it was so nice out. Mid sixties. It snowed on Sunday, so I need to savor all the good weather I can get.

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Jim said...

KG - congrats on the PR at Demar. Any chance you'd like to join the guys for Mayor's Cup on Sunday? Drop me an email (see my profile). Thanks!

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