Thursday, October 29, 2009

Night & Morning

I got out of work a little later than normal. It was getting dark and it was already raining and windy. Hence, I wimped out and ran on the treadmill. Ten hours after finishing up my Wednesday afternoon, I jumped on the treadmill again for an early morning, pre-work run. Having my run done before 06:30 felt good. I'm tired now, but I enjoyed not having it hang over my head all day.

Now getting up at 04:30 might seem like a heroic dedication but it's not. A moment for some perspective: my friend and colleague, Martin, is the epitome of hard work and dedication. On Wednesday Martin, who ran 2:32 for 26.2 earlier this month, ran to and from work. Before mentioning it was raining on Wednesday, I'll tell you that he lives fifteen miles away from work. On a little ole Wednesday, he was putting in 30 miles! The guy is an animal. He will also make you realize that you're not that dedicated and you're not working that hard.

Thursday 10.29.09
AM: 9.25 miles in 63:00
A revelation occurred during this early morning jaunt on the treadmill: running 6:20s isn't that hard. For a long time now, I've had in my head that anything is sub 7:00 is a bit of a push. I'm starting to think differently. Just b/c it feels fast doesn't mean it's hard. I've been having lots of runs like this lately and these runs have brought me to this revelation. Fast or maybe faster than slow, relatively speaking, doesn't have to be arduous.

Wednesday 10.28.09
AM: core
PM: 13.25 miles in 85:30
Good workout on the treadmill:
5 mile warmup
4 x 1 mile (all in 5:27) w/ .25 mile recovery
3.25 mile warmdown (last two: 6:35, 5:58)
I felt strong on the mile pickups. They went well. But what I really wanted to get out of the workout was the end. I'm trying to finish my runs at a faster cadence. So, the milers were there to tire my legs, and the last mile was there to see what I could do. I was totally in control and running sub 6:00 felt relatively easy. This is a positive development in terms of my strength and stamina.

Tuesday 10.27.09
AM: Dr. Mika appt
PM: 60 minutes on the bike
The good doctor checked out my legs and all is well. Everything feels good to him and he told me to race away. Propped the bike up on the indoor trainer and cruised for an hour. Easy recovery day.

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